NADRA Jobs Advertisement 2022 – Latest Jobs in NADRA Pakistan

We at NADRA Jobs 2022 offer a variety of jobs which will suit your needs; whether you’re looking for short-term or long term employment. No matter what kind job that is in the government sector, our company can provide each and every one with their perfect match! It doesn’t matter if it’s just part time or fulltime – we’ll find something suited to desires as well!. In addition too this ,one could also join us as candidate having excellent skills & credentials from recognized universities such HEC so be sure complete application process


The National Database Organization was established on March 10th 1998. Since then it has undergone many name changes, but remains committed to providing intelligence for Pakistan’s Interior Ministry and supporting its goals through database management services that include data registration & collation as well privacy protection standards advancement initiatives like RFID technology implementation which will soon be mandatory across all government entities in order maintain accurate records while still maintaining security measures against potential threats including cyber attack or other malicious software intrusion
In January 2011 when these two organizations merged their duties were augmented even further due diligence had been done ensuring there would no outside interference during operations; this allowed them finally

Job Description

Job openings in different departments at National Database & Registration Authority Nadra are announced. There is a chance to work as long you meet the criteria they demand – unless of course, their requirements say otherwise: male or female who lives within Pakistan only? Well don’t worry because it seems easy enough; just review one ad before applying yourself!

List Of Available Vacancies (Update)

  • Mobile Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Naib Qasid
  • Sweeper
  • Site Incharge
  • Deputy Director
  • Security Guard
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Office Boy
  • Database Administrator
  • Supervisor
  • Executive
OrganizationNational Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)
CategoryGovernment Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationKarachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On10th May, 2022

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NADRA Jobs Salary and Benefits

Join us at Nadra Careers, where we offer hundreds of reasons to work for this dream come true company! From high salaries and benefits like car allowances or insurance policies – it’s all here waiting just in front ot you. But don’t take my word on how good things are because below is info about what nad Racing has that might convince yiurself into applying

  • An environment where people are always friendly and want to socialize with one another.
  • Medical facilities are free of charge for all employees; it is part of the company’s responsibility.
  • We have a compulsory learning space that encourages growth.
  • HR policies work well and keep everyone happy.
  • Promises a promising retirement plan.
  • Offers pension plans, bonuses and wholesome funds.

How to Apply for NADRA Jobs?

job opportunities with NADRA are available, but there’s a criteria needed to apply. You may want get started by reading through the required knowledge and skills listed for any role that interests you most before filling out an application form at their website where it’ll download as well! The next step would be proofing your nationality by attaching documents such as passports or other official paperwork so make sure they match what is asked on this page carefully because mistakes cannot Be made

NADRA Jobs Advertisement 2022 – Latest Jobs in NADRA Pakistan

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