Latest PAF Jobs 2022 Online Registration to Join Pakistan Air Force

Opportunities are open for recruitment within the Join Pakistan Air Force PAF jobs ! Take charge of your life and enlist at the earliest possible date to fill up vacant posts in various locations all over Pakistan. Qualified candidates are invited to fill out an application form so as to partake in this incredible journey of shaping one’s future under one of the most prestigious forces around today. AF Jobs invites anyone aged 18-35 who wishes to fulfil their life dreams while simultaneously embarking on an exciting course of work never before seen by human eyes – join today!

About PAF jobs 2022

Pakistan Air Force PAF Jobs was set up after Pakistan won independence from British India in 1947. The PAF is known for giving high quality service to the Pakistani Military including the Pakistani Navy and Army when needed; it has found success over the years due to its experienced pilots who do everything they can to defend their homeland from hostile forces. On top of having several high tech aircraft, many facilities like Aircraft Rebuild Factory (ARF), Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF) and Avionics Production Factory (APF) make sure that you’ll never run out of new planes if one gets shot down or suffers some other unfortunate fate.

List of Available Vacancies (Update)

  • Medical Assistant
  • Air Defence
  • Engineer
  • Education Branch
  • Engineering Branch
  • Nurses
  • Accounts Branch
  • Teacher
  • Doctor
  • Logistics
  • Foreman
Published Date12-05-2022
OrganizationPakistan Air Forces
EducationMatric To Master
CategoryFull Time
Job TypeForces
Salary50000 PKR/month
Last Date12-06-2022

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Air Force PAF

If you want to join the most disciplined, organized armed force of Pakistan – from cadets to officers, here are all the details. Check out what makes you eligible for which position, starting with schooling qualifications and ending with whether or not you’re physically fit enough. Every basic detail is included below

You need to be from Pakistan, and you need to be between 16-22 years old. You also need to have a high school diploma with 60% in your grades. You will also need to take some physical tests like running on a treadmill and lifting weights. If you do all that, then you can go to Kohat for an interview!

Latest PAF Jobs 2022 Online Registration to Join Pakistan Air Force

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